Hi! His name's Yoshi!

is a reoccurring character and species in Brawl in the Family, first appearing in 012 - Hitchin' A Ride. He is one of Mario's friends, and occasionally serves as his mount. Yoshi can also describe a species of creature similar in appearance to the main Yoshi.


Yoshi first appeared in Super Mario World. When Bowser and his Koopalings attacked Dinosaur Land, they stole a bunch of Yoshi Eggs. With the help of the island's Yoshi population, Mario and Luigi were able to free the Yoshi Eggs, and eventually save Princess Peach as well. Yoshis have appeared infrequently throughout the rest of the series as well, serving as mounts for Mario and his friends, or as a playable character in the spinoff installments. Yoshi also serves a major role in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, where he and the other Yoshis helped Baby Mario trek across Yoshi's Island to find his brother. Yoshi also has his own series spun off the main Mario series, mostly consisting of puzzle games or sequels to Yoshi's Island.

History (BitF)Edit

Yoshi first appeared in 012 - Hitchin' A Ride, and has made occasionally appearances since then. He is either usually seen hanging around with Mario and the gang, or relaxing on Yoshi's Island. A group of young Yoshis played a pivotal role in the latter parts of A Mushroom Kingdom Carol, where they helped an older Mario make his way across the enemy-infested Mushroom Kingdom to get to Bowser's Castle. More recently, Yoshi starred in a pair of comics examining his odd ability to create eggs from digested matter.