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This comic presents the challenge of finding Waluigi hidden in the image, only for his presence to be rather obvious as all the other characters featured are fleeing from him. This venue is recreational garden and park on this playground. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi crying. Dog (Duck Hunt) laughing. Ice Climbers, Nana and Popo are beside King Dedede and all of them are having fun.

Characters representedEdit


  • This comic is based on the Where's Waldo series of children's books. Humorously, Waldo himself appears fairly well-hidden in this comic.
  • This comic has one of the largest number of characters of any of the comics.
  • Recently, a user by the alias of "jamz64" created a quiz about this comic. The quiz involves how fast can you name every single character in the comic. See what you DON'T know about your characters legend of Zelda:twilight princess
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