The Captive Princess is the 260th Brawl in the Family comic.

Transcript Edit

Panel Dialogue Visuals
1 None Peach in a corner of a tiny cell.
2 Peach: And just like that, my kingdom crumbled. Close up of Peach looking sideways in a sad way.
3 The beast had won. My people were stone, Peach curled up into a ball staring at her knees.
4 And I was tossed in a tiny cell. Peach in the corner of her cell, hugging her knees close to her with wide eyes.
5 (Thinking) I guess this comes with the princess territory... Peach lying down with her hands clasped, looking sadly at the ceiling.
6 None Peach on her side, exasperated.
7 (Thinking) Don't give up yet... what if there's a way out? Close up of Peach crying.
8 None Peach looking outside of the bars in her cell.
9 None Silhouette of several monsters through the window bars.
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