The Brawl in the Family store opened on June 29th, 2010, along with a grand opening discount that ended on July 13th. If you ordered an item during this period, you would recieve some form of picture on your box drawn by Matthew. You can buy items such as Dededolls, shirts, and mugs. The items are shipped from Colorado by fiftyeighthens. These are the items you can buy: Dededoll, Guide to Mushrooms shirt, World History shirt, and a "World's Best Hero" mug.


In the store it is said to be the definition of cute, and bears a resemblence to King Dedede himself. The doll first appeard in comic 182 - Present, and a real plush version was made soon after by KevinCow. The Dededoll has been available in the store since it has opened.

World History ShirtEdit

This shirt has four Kirbies in various hats to represent four time periods. It is inspired by the 100000 hits image in the site's gallery.

  • Yoshi : Dinosaur Age
  • Donkey Kong : Ape men, the missing link
  • Mario : Time of humans
  • Samus : The future?

Guide to MushroomsEdit

This shirt tells people (Mario specifically) about how to handle the various mushrooms of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is inspired by comic 56 - Guide to Musrooms.

  • Front: The front tells to eat Super Mushrooms, stomp Goombas, and save Toads.
  • Back: The back shows Mario messing up by eating a Toad, stomping a Super Mushroom, and saving a Goomba. Next to this are the words "Try Again."


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