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Princess Peach Toadstool
is a major reoccurring character in Brawl in the Family, first appearing in 046 - Peach. She is the reigning princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, though being constantly kidnapped by Bowser tends to infringe upon these duties. Luckily, she always has Mario to help save her.


Princess Peach first appeared in Super Mario. Bros, and has appeared in most games in the Mario series since then. She normally serves as the "damsel in distress", being kidnapped by Bowser or other villains and needing to be rescued by Mario. Despite this, she plays a strong presence in most Mario spinoffs, and has played a heroine role in both the American Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Princess Peach, as well as being a competent fighter in the Super Smash Bros. games.

History (BitF)Edit

Princess Peach first appeared in 046 - Peach. Many of Peach's appearances have centered around her being kidnapped by Bowser and needing a rescue, only to be kidnapped again soon after. Based on some of her appearances, she seems resigned to her fate of being a perpetual damsel in distress, and has even been able to still show kindness to Bowser. Argubaly her largest appearance was in The Captive Princess, where she proved capable of escaping from a guarded cell and getting far enough to be rescued by Mario.


Fun FactsEdit


  • In most modern appearances, peach has a very slight blush