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One Final Song is the 600th Brawl in the Family comic. It was posted on October 3, 2014, at 5:16 pm. This comic marked the end of the comic and took the form of a video.


Character appearances[]


Crazy Hand:

So here we are, folks, the final curtain call...

Now let's look back on fond memories of this Brawl...

It began with a blob and a penguin's intense rivalry.

King Dedede:

I'm gonna get you, Kirby.

Crazy Hand:

One final song for reminiscence (Captain Falcon: FALCON PRAY!)

One little tune to say good-bye (Eario: It is-a I, Eario.)

One closing anthem as we look back... (Waluigi: Too bad, Waluigi time!)

And we reflect on days gone by. (Dededoo: And I'm here to clean your clock.)

Good ol' days of throwing eggs, and freakish legs, and Diddy Kong,

We reflect on that in one final song.

From Christmas carols, to Halloween hijinks...

Reminiscing now, on kissing gals and missing Links.

And it ended just like it began with a fierce rivalry... (3...2...1...Go!)

One little song, recall the good times... (Ganondorf: I don't want a lot for Christmas)

One final tune to drown out the bad... (Waluigi: Hark, how the WAA, all seem to WAA, joining in the rhyme...)

Another verse sung for our victories... (Yoshi: I think I love you!)

And when we made each other mad (Matthew: He began to dance around!)

Stuff like Waluigi Time and Snake's behind were kinda wrong...

But it all leads us to one final song.

So light a candle for the Goombas that were crushed beneath your feet,

And remember the history of Nintendo

Not to mention Dededoo and prison breaks and happy suns...

Which is why we lift our voices as one...


I hope this song's not too dramatic!

Master Hand:

Is way too dramatic, yeah!

Crazy Hand:

But it looks like I've run all out of jokes!

Master Hand:

Got no jokes left to tell, got no jokes left to tell!

Crazy Hand:

One final song, we sing together

One little tune to say good-bye

We'll share these memories forever...

Our laughs, our fights, the tears, we hide...


Well folks, I guess that's it.

Time to wrap it up.

But I'd like thank you for all these years...


  • In Crazy Hand's part at the end, Yoshi, Waluigi, Ganondorf, and Bowser can be heard singing excerpts from their songs, in addition to Master Hand echoing Crazy Hand.