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Ode to Minions is the 200th comic posted on Brawl in the Family. It is presented as a sorrowful song dedicated to the various creatures that work for Nintendo's villains, and how many of them don't deserve the treatment delivered to them by the "heroes". At the end, it is revealed the song is being sung by Bowser on stage to a crowd of other villains, to raucous applause.


Bowser: Do you remember

The piranha plant

You roasted in 5-1?

And were you there

When his family

Received the news about their son?

These minions clock in 9 to 5 to provide for their wives...

Not knowing it'd be

The last day

Of their lives!

So light a candle

For the Goombas

That were crushed beneath your feet.

Say a prayer

For all the Octoroks

That were sliced into

Mince meat.

Give a shout out

To the Keese you killed

Just to open that locked door.

'Cause no one thinks about

The minions


Moblin: As we gather here to mourn the loss of our pal, let's never forget that...

Dodongo disliked smoked.

He disliked smoke...

To the END!


Hippie:It's pronounced "Crackin'..."

Wolf: I will give him this:

He used bombs wisely...

But at what cost?


Newsman: The last Metroid is in captivity.

The rest...

Have all died.

Female Koopa Troopa: Curse you, spiny blue shell!

Bowser: Your pet Yoshi helped himself to a buffet...

(Shy Guy flambe)

You've slain 'em just for bein' in your way...

(Red: Get 'em, Entei!)

Bowser: They've got kids to feed,

Yards to weed,

Taxes and bills to pay...

So put your plumber's hat over your heart and say...

That you're sorry

To the Mets you fried

Just to grab an extra screw!


To the ducks you shot

So a dog wouldn't laugh at you!

Genocide is typically frowned upon,

And yet Samus


Don't forget the Imps

You killed for


These minions gave their lives...

For guys like...



  • This comic was accompanied by an mp3 of the song playing in the background. This song was sung by Matthew and his family.
  • Strangely, a few characters (such as the Snorlax) that appear aren't villainous in their in-game appearances. Also, one (a ship from Star Fox) isn't even alive.
  • A sample of the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros. can be heard around the time "News about their son" is sung.
  • Cloud Strife appear between the dead Imps
  • The official video on YouTube, by chrisgriffin15!