Meta Knight is what his name suggests. He is a knight, armed with a sword, a cape, and a mask that conceals
his face. To Meta Knight, Kirby has been a nuisance to him, though he isn't willing to ally himself with King Dedede yet. In a few of the comics, Meta Knight has been a victim of a gooey bomb prank, pulled off by King Dedede. Later in the comics though, Meta Knight Was able to put a sticky bomb on King Dedede.

Brawl in the Family Character DescriptionEdit

The seldom-seen masked character is the only creature Kirby is actually afraid of. Considering Meta Knight is chock full of armor, wields a sword, and looks none too tasty, that’s not much of a surprise. He doesn’t mess around, and he doesn’t joke around. Although he feels that Kirby is a pest, Meta Knight doesn’t seem to have any sort of alliance with Dedede.

Some of his recent behavior may have been slightly surprising to those who know him. Perhaps he’s up to something after all?

List of Comics Appeared InEdit

010-Meta Knight





077-No Sympathy

082-Super Star

084-Team Battle


098-Trick or Treat

117-How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4)

119-New Year

130-Gooey Bomb (Part 1)

131-Gooey Bomb (Part 2)

132-Gooey Bomb (Part 3)

133-Gooey Bomb (Part 4)

134-Gooey Bomb (Part 5)

135-Gooey Bomb (Part 6)

136-Gooey Bomb (Part 7)

151-WitF (000000008-Waluigi Has Gone Away?)

174-Turnabout Kirby (Part 4)

175-Turnabout Kirby (Part 5)

176-Turnabout Kirby (Part 6)

190-Where's Waluigi?

195-Zombie Attack

196-Zombie Finale

227-Brawl Party: Meta Knight2

234-Meta Knight the Sweetheart



297-Snow Angels

301-New Year, New Adventures

311-Cocoon Academy (Part 1)

312-Cocoon Academy (Part 2)

313-Cocoon Academy (Part 3)

315-Cocoon Academy (Part 4)

316-Cocoon Academy (Part 5)

317-Cocoon Academy (Part 6)

319-Cocoon Academy (Part 7)

320-Cocoon Academy (Part 8)

321-Cocoon Academy (Part 9)

322-Cocoon Academy (Part 10)

340-Comic Review: E3 2011

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