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Waddle Dee wearing the mask

Meta Knight's Mask formerly Waddle's Mask is an item seen at the end of the Cocoon Academy Saga, it was also revealed to be Meta Knight's own mask

When Kirby "Pinky" was enveloped in Dark Matter, "head"Master Hand, Waddle Dee, and a young King Dedede came to his wounds and change in appearance, he now was a bluish-blackish kirby with yellow eyes, a few minutes later, Waddle Dee came in with and said:

"Here's something I wanted to give just to flick me as a hero, too. I'm offering this for you, I made it in art class!"

Pinky put it on and said:

"Not bad!"

He put it on, and viewers were able to see on the strip that has the quote above, an armorless Meta Knight without a cape.

Fun Facts[]


  • Meta Knight's older design

    The mask is based upon Meta Night's mask from the older games