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Mario is a major recurring character in Brawl in the Family. He has appeared in a lot of the comics, even playing the role of Scrooge in A Mushroom Kingdom Carol. In the comics, Mario's personality is mostly unchanged from his games, except on "A Mushroom Kingdom Carol", where he is old and greedy for a portion of the comic. He always wants to help people, even when they don't want him to.

Brawl in the Family Character Description[]

It's-a-him. Mario's luxurious moustache and round belly are world-famous, and he knows it. Mario's always willing to lend a hand, especially when no one wants him to. Although he has a tendency to steal the spotlight, at least his heart's in the right place.

List of Comics Appeared In[]

012-Hitchin' a Ride



034-Enter Mario

035-Leaf Pile

047-Super Hongo



056-Guide to Mushrooms



067-Tanooki Suit

071-Hidden Block


089-Hammer Bros. Suit


099-Fishin' Lakitu

105-Life Share

111-Clog (In A Picture)

113-Prodigal Son

117-How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4) (Background Character)


124-Pick A Box


136-Gooey Bomb (Part 7) (Technically Dr. Mario)




155-Medical Exam



188-Kuribo's Shoe

190-Where's Waluigi?

192-Blue Shell

195-Zombie Attack

196-Zombie Finale


200-Ode to Minions

201-A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 1)

202-A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 2)

203-A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 3)

204-A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 4)

205-A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 5)

206-A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 6)

207-A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 7)

208-A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 8)


225-Brawl Party: Mario


237-Variations on a Vine Comic





252-Eight Formidable Bosses

255-Comic Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

259-Kirby's Pet

260-The Captive Princess

265-Fortune Cookies

273-Janitor of the Mushroom Kingdom (Part 3)

280-Dubious Rescue

285-Yarn Meetings

288-Bullet Bill


294-Frog Suit

305-Party Star

312- Cocoon Academy (Part 2)

313- Cocoon Academy (Part 3)

321- Cocoon Academy (Part 9)

323- Phillips' Box

329- Overgrowth

340- Comic Review: E3 2011

341- Super Mario Land Is Weird

348- Bricks

350- If It Takes A Lifetime

358- Cloud Watching

367- Tanooki Madness

372- Thwomps

379- 1UP?

382- Tired

388- Ice World

389- Resolutions

391- Pushmo

397- Another Rescue

400- The History of Nintendo

403- Peach's Warning

408- Resourcefulness

411- Brawl From the Family

415- Comic Review: E3 2012

417- The Brawlers at Dinner

429- Toilet and Trouble

431- Frog

432- Inspiration

434- Gold Flower

435- Nintendo Power

442- Lakitu

447- Sticker Shortage

451- Hints from the Miiverse

458- Home

462- Benign Tragedy

465 - Hitting the Links

470- A Most Unusual Speech

474- Thwomp

477- Broyale in the Family

478- Boo Mushroom

482- Link on the Wall

484- Thwarp

485- The Squeaky Wheel

490- The Truth About Zebes

491- Marshy

495- Comic Review: E3 2013

498- Thwomp Strategy

500- Prodigal Robot

503- Hovercarts

510- The Year of Luigi

511- Smash Voters: Mario

515- In Heaven's Hands

525- Gaming's Worst Jobs

527- Wii Fit U

528- Painted Thwomp

529- Sick of Thwomps

531- Cat Suit

536- It's a Plunderful Life

539- Leak

544- Sochi

546- Divide by Hero (Part 2)

548- Divide by Hero (Part 4)

549- Divide by Hero (Part 5)

550- Plumber's Best Friend

557- Developing Relationship

562- Sweet Freedom

570- Baby Bros

574- Mario Maker

576- Mii...?

577- Afterlife

583- Saving Pauline

584- Super Effective

590- Comic Review: Smash Bros.

591- Mario Vs. Thwomp

596- Meet Me At Final Destination (Part 2)

597- Meet Me At Final Destination (Part 3)

598- Meet Me At Final Destination (Part 4)

599- Meet Me At Final Destination (Part 5)

600- One Final Song