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King Dedede

King Dedede is a major character and usually the main antagonist in Brawl in the Family. He first appeared in Comic 1 "Showdown" and has had many appearances afterward. He was also the main character in "How the King Stole Christmas" and starred with Meta Knight in "The Gooey Bomb Arc". He was later the main antagonist in "Turnabout Kirby".

Brawl in the Family Character Description[]

No longer needin’ a monstah to clobbah dat dere Kirbeh, King Dedede has decided to take matters into his own hands. Despite sharing more than a few traits with Kirby—a fact which Dedede would never admit—the self-proclaimed King wants nothing more than to “get Kirby.” He often tries to rope Meta Knight into his schemes, but this rarely proves successful, as Meta Knight typically has better things to do. Either way, Dedede persistently plugs away, even if Kirby is usually oblivious to their supposed “rivalry.” He has a doppelganger named King Sonn Dededoo.

List of Comics Appeared In[]

001 – The Showdown

005 – HDF

008 – Waddle Dee

010 – Meta Knight

014 – Jet Hammer

020 – Savior

024 – Wine for Two

025 – Canvas Curse

028 – Gourmet Race

033 – Electroplankton

046 – Peach

050 – Gooey Kablooie

055 – Nap

058 – Face Off

060 – Reflection

070 – Summit

072 – Boxart

074 – Groceries

076 – Disguises

077 – No Sympathy

082 – Super Star

084 – Team Battle

087 – Barrage

095 – Phendrana

098 – Trick or Treat

100 – The Very Hungry Kirby

103 – Dededoo

106 – Chomp

108 – Thanksgiving

114 – How the King Stole Christmas (Part 1)

115 – How the King Stole Christmas (Part 2)

116 – How the King Stole Christmas (Part 3)

117 – How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4)

118 – Giver

122 – High Comedy

130 – Gooey Bomb (Part 1)

131 – Gooey Bomb (Part 2)

132 – Gooey Bomb (Part 3)

133 – Gooey Bomb (Part 4)

134 – Gooey Bomb (Part 5)

135 – Gooey Bomb (Part 6)

136 – Gooey Bomb (Part 7)

146 – Celebration

147 – Saving Face

150 – Comic Strip

151 – WitF (00000003-Waluigi Looks at Dedede Like That, 00000008-Waluigi Has Gone Away?

153 – Easter

164 – Under New Management

173 – Turnabout Kirby (Part 3)

174 – Turnabout Kirby (Part 4)

175 – Turnabout Kirby (Part 5)

176 – Turnabout Kirby (Part 6)

182 – Present

184 – Confrontation

189 – Scribbling

191-Waluigi Triloigi (00000027-Waluigi Dislikes Brawl in the Family)

190 – Where’s Waluigi?

195 – Zombie Attack

196 – Zombie Finale

207 – A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 7)

209 – Contagious

210 – 2009 Game of the Year Tribute

212 – Bunkmates

217 – Valentines

229 – Boss Tryouts

248 – Bananas

250 – Cartoons

251 – Finally

269 – Bunkmates II

276 – A Quality Game

281 – Yarn Showdown

287 – Doppelgangers

291 – The Trespasser

297-Snow Angels

298-Jolly, Happy Jerk

301-New Year, New Adventures

311-Cocoon Academy (Part 1)

312-Cocoon Academy (Part 2)

313-Cocoon Academy (Part 3)

314-Cocoon Intermission A

315-Cocoon Academy (Part 4)

316-Cocoon Academy (Part 5)

317-Cocoon Academy (Part 6)

319-Cocoon Academy (Part 7)

320-Cocoon Academy (Part 8)

321-Cocoon Academy (Part 9)

322-Cocoon Academy (Part 10)

323-Philip's Box

324-D3's 3DS

331-The Victor

339-Warp Star

340-Comic Review: E3 2011

List of WitF Comics Appeared In[]

00000003 – Waluigi Looks at Dedede Like That

00000008 – Waluigi Has Gone Away?

00000027 - Waluigi Dislikes Brawl in the Family


I'm gonna get you, Kirby. - The Showdown

Don't look at me like that. - HDF

We gotta get that Kirby. (Meta Knight in Dedede disguise) - Meta Knight

No, you don't. This is my battle. - Savior

Heh heh... - Wine for two

How so? [...] A greater being, eh? So you're blaming someone else for your monstrous appetite? [...] Well, some theologians out there may have an answer for you. [...] Amen. - Gooey Kablooie

Snirk. - Nap

No! Don'... - Summit

We gotta get that Kirby. (Meta Knight in Dedede disguise) [...] Surprise! [...] Um... We gotta get that Kirby. - Disguises

Waddle Dee Barrage! - Barrage

Hey there, kingsonnn Dededoo. - Dededoo

Kirby! Time to brawl. Turn around! - Chomp

I know what I'll do... I'll stop this foul day... They can't celebrate Christmas if I steal it away! And thanks to this hammer I've got a great sled! If I can't find a reindeer, I'll make one instead! But I need a St. Nick suit. And where I could get THAT...? [...] Let's make some kids cry! [...] I'm not stealin', Kirby! I'm borrowing this Wii! I'll mod it so it can play imports, you see. Unlike the DS, (which can play Mother 3), the Wii, I confess, just ain't region-free! [...] How'd YOU know that I wasn't here!? [...] It came without presents or tacky marquees! It came without Super Scopes, mushrooms and Wiis! - How the King Stole Christmas

Kirby! How come you always eat so much? - Giver

THREE, TWO, ONE! - New Year

Kirby, you're a big thorn in my side. - High Comedy

A gooey bomb! [...] Okay, just... calm down and we can work through this...! HHHHUUUURRRRGGGGGG... [...] Alright, here's the plan... First, we find Kirby, and stick the bomb onto him. Then, we get outta here! [...] Why doesn't that stupid bomb blow up already!? [...] I'm just saying I could've stomped that Dark Matter into oblivion if that lousy Kirby hadn't been so quick to steal the glory. [...] Yeah yeah... [...] Prob'ly. [...] Hey! You should go take off his stupid mask! [...] So I hear Meta Knight can't wear his mask for a week... [...] What's he so steamed up? Anyway, it's nice to finally not have to stick around you losers anymore. Sayonara. [...] Oh, if you insist... - Gooey Bomb

Kirby! Did you eat Odie? [...] Not a chance. - Comic Strip

Peep! - Easter

Kirby, you are the worst. EYE LASER! - Under New Management

HOLD IT! I'm gonna get you, Kirby. If it pleases the court, I'd like to add these incriminating photos into evidence. As you can see, Kirby is a bottomless pit of hunger and [...] Copycat. [...] NOOOOOOOO... YOU LITTLE SQUIRT! HOW DID YOU GET THOSE PHOTOS!? [...] Oh, come on! He just ate the prosecutor! I can't believe you, man. Kirby gets away with everything. Why does everyone always take his side? [...] Whatever. At least you got your precious revenge. - Turnabout Kirby

What do you want!? [...] I'm not accempting treaties, you coward! BEAT IT! - Present

KIRBY! Oh boy I'm really steamed this time, I tell you... I'm walkin', here! You better clear the HECK outta my way...! The nerve! It's like talkin' to a rock! What a punk! What a cretin! Lookin' at me like that's gotta be some form of high treason, I mean, that's some top-nutchdisrespect... - Confrontation

Braaaains... uuugg... rauuggh... uuuaaghhh...braaaains... BRAAAAINS... (along with Kirby, Adeleine, Meta Knight, Jigglypuff, Diddy Kong, Mario and Bowser) - Zombie Attack

Braaaains... braaa...(along with Kirby, Adeleine, Meta Knight, Jigglypuff, Diddy Kong, Mario, Bowser and Mother Brain) [...] Alright, enough is enough! I started a perfectly good scary story, and you chimps wussed it up! [...] ...and this guy's next! So what cuddly conclusion will he come up with? - Zombie Finale

Yawwwn... - Contagious

Waddle dee! Take a note... Attention, King of Alpoko! By imperial decree, I, King Dedede of Dream Land, have seen fit of expand my nation's sphere to INFLUENCE. From one king to another, I feel as if both of our nations could benefit from closer ties, increased... trade... 'n stuff... and perhaps if you want, you could invite that missus over from tea and donuts... I'd really like if you could stay for awhile... we could have a sleepover! Looking forward to hearing from you soon... -The Dee'D - 2009 Game of the Year Tribute

OH NO... [...] Valentine's Day was two days ago, you cretins! - Valentines

Okay, so, uh... what's your special attack? [...] HOLY SMOKES! YOU'RE HIRED! - Boss Tryouts

I get the first pick. - Bananas

Well, uh, what kind of ideas do you have? [...] Yup. [...] Kick the Kirby! [...] I dunno, Adeleine. They all seem pretty... derivative. [...] Nah. Maybe a show of me, Meta Knight and that annoying Kirby might work. But would folks really want to see it? - Cartoons

Brawl, huh? Meh. Too bad it does stack up to a game made in 2001. It's floatier than Melee, you can't combo as well, it's way too easy to recover, they took out wavedashing, the air dodge is simplified, and the tripping, come on! Definitely a weaker follow-up to Melee. What a shame. Poor, naive Kirby. You have no clue. - A Quality Game

I'm gonna get you, Yarn Kirby. [...] Hee hee... - Yarn Showdown

That darn Kirby's trespassing on my turf! He's gonna get it now! Come iiiiiiiinnn... - The Trespasser

I hate you guys! And Kirby, I'll get you some daaaaayyy... - Jolly, Happy Jerk

I'm gonna get you, Kirby. [...] Stop. [...] YEAH! (along with Kirby, Adeleine and Meta Knight) - New Year, New Adventures