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Karma is the 290th comic posted on Brawl in the Family. It shows several moments where Mario has fought against the Lakitus.

Location: A Mario Kart Course.

Date: November 9, 2010

Number of frames: 1

Character AppearancesEdit

  • Mario
  • Lakitu
  • Lakitu's Cloud


Title text: 288 - Bullet Bill

No significant text. The comic depicts a Lakitu being beaten by Mario in several Mario games. Then it shows Lakitu and Mario, who has fallen into the sea. Lakitu seems to be thinking.

Alt Text: He's lucky it wasn't on Rainbow Road.

Fun FactsEdit


  • Moments where Mario beats Lakitu are, due to the hints given in the ways to beat him, from Super Mario Bros. (Mario simply jumps over Lakitu), Super Mario Bros. 3 (Mario beats Lakitu and starts to ride on Lakitu Cloud), New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Mario freezes Lakitu with a Penguin power-up) and in one game that could be anything (Super Mario Galaxy?).


  • The concept of Koopas being villains in one game and helping Mario in another comes actually from the Backstory. On the another note, in Ode to Minions, Bowser references to the moment where Mario freezes a Lakitu.
    • Oddly, Bowser says that Mario killed Lakitu, but if the Lakitu that is the main character of the strip was the same Lakitu in the flashbacks, he's still alive.