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Jigglypuff is an major supporting character appearing since 009 Jigglypuff. She later reappeared in later comic strips as Kirby's love interest.

Brawl in the Family Character Description[]

Kirby has developed quite an attraction to Jigglypuff since they first met on the battlefield of love. This could be because Jigglypuff looks sort of like a female version of Kirby. The problem with this assumption is that as any Pokemon trainer knows, Jigglypuff* can be male or female, and they are almost certainly a different species than whatever Kirby happens to be. The Jiggs often sports a flower in its hair (which could be interpreted as feminine flair), but since there are no visual characteristics that distinguish male Jigglypuff* from female Jigglypuff*, we cannot be fully certain as to this Jigglypuff’s gender.

These minor details don’t keep Kirby from getting all soft and dopey whenever Jigglypuff’s around.

Jigglypuff is a passive presence in any situation and is very slow to action. It faces the world with the blankest of stares that suggests only the faintest hint of comprehension to the world around it.

  • Note: These uses of “Jigglypuff” refer to the plural “Jigglypuff.” According to generally accepted Pokemon nomenclature, the plural and singular forms of any Pokemon name are written the same way. Just try reading or saying “Jigglypuffs.” It’s weird!

List of Comics Appeared In[]

[009– Jigglypuff]

[090– Love]

[114– How the King Stole Christmas (Part 1)](Cameo)

[117– How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4)](Cameo)

[146– Celebration]

[154– Hair Curl](Also known as Not Jigglypuff)

[179– Proposal]

[187– Exercise]

[190– Where’s Waluigi?]

[195– Zombie Attack]

[196– Zombie Finale]

[222– Photo Booth]

[223– Brawl Party: Luigi]

[231 – Relics]

[234– Meta Knight the Sweetheart]