Ice World is a BitF song. It points out the dangers of ice worlds in games.


It’s beginning to look just like an ice world. Oh, boy, here we go... It’s a platformer’s greatest foe! Moving around is slow. Because of all the irritating snow!

Yes it’s clear that we’re in the token ice world (Ice world!) Warm yourself with rage! For instead of you fighting through, your controls are fighting YOU! Through the whole, darn, stage!

You’ve been through meadows and desert and water and forest and sky, all since Lv.1! Now is the time for your talents to shine as you brave the tundra a tow! And slip, and slip, and slip, and slip and fall onto your bum!

Oh, we’re struggling through the cliche ice world! Death-defying jumps, jumps, jumps! Falling icicles hit the floor, as you beg and plead, “No more!”, In this frozen dump!

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