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How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4) is the 117th comic posted on Brawl in the Family, and the fourth and final part of the How the King Stole Christmas story arc. King Dedede returns home after his haul, only to find his house being raided as well. After finding that the others didn't really care that their presents were stolen, and that he had no use for the stuff, Dedede begins to feel depressed. But, maybe this arc can have a happy ending after all...

Date: December 24, 2008

Number of frames: 26

Character Appearances[]


Title text: How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4)

(Dedede comes back home to find other Nintendo villains stealing his stuff.)

Narrator: The King said, "How'd YOU know that I wasn't here!?"
They answered, "You pull this dumb stunt every year".

(Dedede collapses to the floor in defeat.)

But, one thing that could still salvage his day...
Was hearing those Brawlers cry out in dismay!

(Dedede grins mischievously and leans out over the nearby cliff to see the Brawlers standing around a large Christmas tree.)

Brawlers: (singing) ♪Audi faman illius... Solus in hostes ruit...♪

Narrator: (as Dedede) "It came without presents... ...or tacky marquees!
It came without Super Scopes, mushrooms or Wiis!"
As he tried to figure out this Christmas cliché...
It's said that his heart grew three sizes that day!

(An X-ray effect is shown over Dedede's chest as his heart grows from barely visible to just slightly larger, though still very small.)

The Brawlers had nothing except for each other,
From every Smash sister, to every Smash brother.
The King missed his stuff. This Christmas was grim.
With nothing but presents that weren't meant for him.

(Dedede pulls a tin of "Landmaster Wax" out of his loot and looks at it with a bored expression.)

He hooked up the Wii, in an attempt to have fun.
But still couldn't help feeling empty and glum.

Announcer: (on TV) This game's loser is... King Dedede!

Narrator: ...But before the King felt he had nothing at all...
Waddle Dee -- he HIMSELF -- joined in the brawl!

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