are a reoccurring species in Brawl in the Family, first appearing in 056 - Guide to Mushrooms. Goombas, along with Koopa Troopas, make up a majority of Bowser's army, and are one of the most common foes faced by Mario.


Goombas first appeared in Super Mario Bros., and have since appeared in most games in the Mario series to date. Often the most common foe Mario will face, Goombas are small, brown, mushroom-like creatures. Their habits of merely walking straight forward, as well as being able to be defeated with a single stomp (or most other attacks), means that the Goomba is hardly a significant threat to Mario on its own, though a large group of them could prove more troublesome. Goombas have also appeared in a great deal of variety and forms over the years, from flying Paragoombas to Giant Goombas and many more. Not all Goombas are evil, either; some support the Mushroom Kingdom, and two even served as partners for Mario during the first two Paper Mario games.

History (BitF)Edit

Goombas first appeared in Guide to Mushrooms, where they were used to illustrate the differences between the various types of mushroom-related things in the Mario series.

A Goomba appeared in Dream, where its dream (and Mario's nightmare) was to stomp a bunch of Marios as the plumber has done to them.

In Stomp, Mario attends the funeral of a Goomba he stomped after its family begins to mourn for its death. This role is expanded upon in Ode to Minions, where Goombas are one of many minions featured as objects to be pitied.

In Kuribo's Shoe, the shoe-wearing variant of Goomba are shown. Mario steals one's shoe, showing it to have taken on a foot-based appearance.

Being members of Bowser's army, Goombas appear as part of the takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom seen in A Mushroom Kingdom Carol.

A Goomba is adopted as a pet by Kirby in Kirby's Pet, though it soon gets stomped by Mario. Kirby soon finds a Warp Pipe spewing out endless numbers of Goombas, though.


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