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Gooey Kablooie is the 50th comic posted on Brawl in the Family. It's a parody of Calvin and Hobbes.

Date: July 11, 2008

Number of panels: 8

Character AppearancesEdit


Kirby: This would be a lot easier if I had thumbs... Do you ever get the feeling that we aren't in control of our own lives?

Dedede: How so?

Kirby: What if every decision we make isn't actually our own? What if there's really a "puppeteer" or "player" controlling us? I mean, our lives may just be a game.

Dedede: A greater being, eh? So you're blaming someone else for your monstrous appetite?

Kirby: Hey! I'm pointificating, here! Sometimes, I just feel that my body doesn't respond to what my mind wants me to do.

Dedede: Well, some theologians out there may have an answer to you.

Kirby: One thing's for sure: If someone's controlling me, he sure has a sick sense of humor.

Dedede: Amen.