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FBA Meeting is the 399th comic posted on Brawl in the Family. A meeting of "Fire Baddies Anonymous" ends in disaster due to the nature of those involved.

Character Appearances[]

  • Boom Boom (mentioned only)
  • Fry Guy
  • Fire Snake
  • Hothead
  • Podoboo
  • Fire Keese
  • Sova
  • Angry Sun


{The exterior of a fortress labeled "BOOM BOOM" is seen. A sign outside reads "Fire Baddies Anonymous meeting today".}

FRY GUY: Welcome, fire-based members and guests!

{Cut to the interior, where a number of fire-based enemies have gathered around a pool of lava.}

FRY GUY: Yes, Podoboo?

PODOBOO: I'd just like to start by saying... Life's had its ups and downs, but you guys have really helped me cope!


FBA MEMBER #2: We love you, man!

PODOBOO: Group hug!

HOT HEAD: C'mere, guy.

{The next panel shows that all the FBA members have merged into a giant flame.}

FRY GUY: Uh. We may have a problem...

Alt text: This wasn't as disastrous as the "Fire-and-Ice Baddies Anonymous" group hug, at least...

Fun Facts[]


  • The angry sun's expression looks similar to King Dedede's in the last pannel