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[[Category:Minor characters]]
[[Category:Minor characters]]
[[Category:The Do]]

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Dededo does not exist. You probably want Dededoo, however.

Wait, do you ? Is Dededo really a myth ?

The Do exists. He is here. He is behind you. Nothing will deter him from cleaning your clock. He has windex and you know he ain't gonna chug it. Actually, he ain't gonna apply it to your clock either. You know what he'll do. You can feel. You can taste it. You want to run run, but you can't. You don't know if it's paralysis or Dededo, but you can't move. In fact, your breath is cut short. You can only take quick breaths. You feel like you're drowning. Your vision grows dim. You're afraid and you know there's nothing you can do. When you finally muster the strength to look, you see nothing. Or did you see something ? A black mass in the shape of a penguin ? You're still afraid, but of what ? No, you still know it's there. The presence. You can hear its breathing, but you can't see anything. Even your calls for help go unanswered. Why can't people hear you ? Why can't you hear yourself ? You haven't been screaming. Everything is gone. Or maybe it never was there in the first place ? Can you even remember anything happening ? No, nothing comes to mind,

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