Cartoons is the 250th comic posted on Brawl in the Family. Adeleine wants to make a television program about the brawlers, and needs King Dedede to fund it. She pitches several ideas (all based on actual animated TV shows) to him, but none of them stick. In the end, Dedede comes up with the idea for a show about himself, Meta Knight, and Kirby.

Character appearancesEdit

  • Adeleine (as herself and Wendy Testaburger)
  • Boo (as Moe Szyslak)
  • Bowser (as Hank Hill)
  • Bowser Jr. (as Bobby Hill)
  • Chain Chomp (as Mr. Burns)
  • Escargoon
  • Ganondorf (as Jeff Boomhauer)
  • King Dedede (as himself, Bill Dauterive, and Eric Cartman)
  • Kirby (as himself and Ike Broflovski)
  • Iggy Koopa (as Bart Simpson)
  • Lakitu (as Milhouse Van Houten)
  • Link (as Phillip J. Fry in drawing)
  • Luigi (as Ned Flanders)
  • Mario (as Homer Simpson)
  • Meta Knight (as himself and Kenny McCormick)
  • Wolf O'Donnell (as Dale Gribble)