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Captain Douglas Jay (Jebediah in BitF) Falcon is an minor recurring character in Brawl in the Family. Despite his fairly small number of appearances, he's become well-known in the fandom for his mannerisms.


Captain Falcon first appeared as one of the four selectable racers in F-Zero, and was designated as the main character. Aside from being a famous F-Zero racer, he also is an infamous bounty hunter who has made many enemies. As such, he lives on a remote island chain, only coming out for bounty missions and races. His vehicle is the Blue Falcon. The captain also appears prominently in all three Super Smash Bros. games, where his signature "Falcon Punch" move comes from.

History (BitF)[]

Captain Falcon first appears in 043 - Captain Falcon at Church. He is one of the BitF characters who differs the most from their in-game personality. He's often seen as bold and over-eager, and he tends to come off as such around others. He habitually punctuates his every move with a loud "FALCON (name of action)!" He really does mean well, and he's a kind and religious man at heart. Recently, he seems to be perusing a romantic relationship with fellow bounty hunter Samus Aran.

Brawl in the Family Character Description[]

He’s proud, he’s loud, and he loves to punch. Captain Douglas Jebediah Falcon apparently can’t resist letting the world know of his actions. A confirmed Roman Catholic, Captain Falcon spends his free time racing in the F-Zero Grand Prix, eating beef jerky, and studying the Penteteuch. Currently seeking female bounty hunter for companionship. Call now!

List of Comics Appeared In[]

043 – Captain Falcon at Church

[051– Captain Falcon Solid]

[069– Captain Falcon and Kirby]

[096-Captain Falcon Plays Poker]

[117– How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4)]

[139– Captain Falcon Drives Real Fast]

[158– Captain Falcon Carpools to Work]

[190– Where’s Waluigi?]

[194– Captain Falcon On a Date]

[212– Bunkmates]

[224– Brawl Party: Captain Falcon]

[230– 2P START! Guest Strip]

[241– Snake in the Grass (Part 1)]

[242– Snake in the Grass (Part 2)]

[243– Snake in the Grass (Part 3)]

[244– Snake in the Grass (Part 4)]

[245– Snake in the Grass (Part 5)]

[262– Blind Date]