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<p style="text-align:center">[[File:BitF_Logo.jpg]]</p>
===<center>Welcome to Brawl in the Family Wiki!</center>===
Welcome to the wiki about the webcomic "Brawl in the Family". We will try our best to work hard and include every single little and every single not so little detail.
*New template for comic news lines ([[Template:comicnews]])
*New template established for new comic entries ([[Template:newcomic]])
*All logged in users go [[Forum:Leader|here]]
==Recent Updates==
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05/01/12 - {{comicnews|405}}
04/27/12 - {{comicnews|404}}
04/24/12 - {{comicnews|403}}
04/19/12 - {{comicnews|402}}
04/16/12 - {{comicnews|401}}
04/11/12 - {{comicnews|400}}
02/16/12 - {{comicnews|399}}
02/13/12 - {{comicnews|398}}
02/09/12 - {{comicnews|397}}
02/07/12 - {{comicnews|396}}
02/02/12 - {{comicnews|395}}
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