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Brawl from the Family is the 411st comic posted to Brawl in the Family. Matthew asks his family to draw BitF comics for the week his birthday is on.

Date: May 22, 2012

Number of panels: 27

Character AppearancesEdit

  • Kirby (intro, Sarah's comic)
  • King Dedede (intro)
  • Matthew Taranto (intro, Sarah's comic)
  • Michael Taranto (intro)
  • Melissa Taranto (intro)
  • Matthew's dad (intro)
  • Sarah (intro, Sarah's comic)
  • Matthew's mom (intro)
  • Samus Aran (Michael's comic)
  • Mario (Melissa's comic, Dad's comic)
  • Piranha Plant (Melissa's comic)
  • Birdo (Dad's comic)
  • Yoshi (Dad's comic)
  • Toad (Dad's comic)


{ A Game Boy is seen and paused into the last battle of Kirby's Dream Land. Dedede is written the words:' "I'M GONNA GET YOU, KIRBY". }

Matthew: Oh, hi! I didn't see you there! It's my birthday this week! [Michael (possibly): My Game Boy!] And I don't feel like doing a comic! And bein' judged...

Fans: I liked the mouseover text better than the comic. - You forgot Star Fox and Pikmin in The History of Nintendo.

Matthew: So every day, from now until Friday, my family is drawing/writing the comics! So be nice! And I will nap. Enjoy. { Goes to sleep }

BROTHER'S COMIC: Keep It Simple, Samus - by Michael

Samus: These guys are easy!

{ Tries to shoot Wavers and fails }

Samus: Better switch to spazer.

{ Wavers seem to dodge everything. She starts crying. }

SISTER'S COMIC: Underground Vine - by Melissa

{ Mario climbs an underground vine and finds a Piranha Plant from the top. }

DAD'S COMIC: Soup-R-Mario - by Dad

Waitress: What'll it be, fellas?

Mario: Well-a we've heard great-a things about the mushroom-a soup!

Waitress: Sorry Mac, we're outta mushrooms.

{ Mario, Yoshi and Birdo start looking at Toad. Later they're seen eating something... And Toad has disappeared. }

BETTER HALF'S COMIC: Sarah loves Matthew - by Sarah

Matthew: Hey, Sarah! I know you're busy right now with the last week of school and planning our wedding in 3 weeks and closing for our new house and packing... But I don't wanna work on my b-day. Draw a comic for me!

Sarah: But I don't even know how to draw our cell phones. How could I draw a comic?!

Matthew: Eh, just have Kirby eat something. It works every time.

{ Sarah is shown thinking. She comes up with an idea. }

Matthew (in-comic): Kirby is eating me.

Sarah: Matthew's really onto something! Drawing comics is very cathartic!

Alt text: Hey! Stop looking at the mouseover text! Go enjoy the comic!

Fun FactsEdit

  • The comic was published specially when compared to other BitF comics. It was upgraded every day from Tuesday to Friday.
  • This was the second time when Michael Taranto did a BitF comic. The first was Under New Management, also in Matthew's birthday.
  • Ironically, despite the fact that Matthew claimed to no want to draw a comic for the week, he DID draw the intro.


  • Alternate titles for Soup-R-Mario are Fungus Not Among Us, Portobello Fellow and Fungicide.
  • In fact, Matthew asked Sarah to make fun of himself. Sarah compensated the mean-looking comic by giving comic a nicer title.