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Bowser, as he appears in BitF's Characters section.

King Bowser Koopa, Sr., better known as Bowser, is a minor recurring character in Brawl in the Family. He is the main villain of the Mario series of game. He has kidnapped Princess Peach many times, but is always foiled by Mario in the end.


Bowser was introduced in Super Mario Bros. as the main villain. As in later appearances, he kidnapped Princess Peach and spread his minions over the Mushroom Kingdom. Despite this, he was defeated in the end by Mario (or possibly Luigi, if in 2-Player mode), who dumped the villain in a pool of lava. However, Bowser has returned time and time again to kidnap the princess, and is foiled each time by Mario and his allies. He's not all bad, though; he's teamed up with Mario to save the kingdom on occasion from a greater evil, and isn't above a friendly kart race or sports match from time to time.

History (BitF)[]

Bowser first appeared in 049 - Backstory. As shown in this and later comics, the BitF version of Bowser seems to kidnap Peach on a near-daily basis, for such minor things as losing a kart race. Despite this status, Bowser doesn't appear that much in the comics, and usually is not much of a threat. A notable exception to this is the "The Mushroom Kingdom Carol" arc, where he and his son finally manage to take over and rule the Mushroom Kingdom for a number of years.

Brawl in the Family Character Description[]

Introducing the castle-owning, perpetually-occupied father of eight, King of the Koopas, Bowser (Sr). He’s a powerful fellow of average intelligence that has a bit of a temper. In the past, Bowser had taken a peculiar fascination with kidnapping Princess Peach, but lately, he’s done it more out of retribution. If Mario happens to be a little pesky that week (say, in dealing a service ace, using Boo to steal a star, or tossing a blue shell at the Koopa king), Bowser takes it upon himself to swipe the most respected figure in the Mushroom Kingdom.

List of Comics Appeared In[]


066-Costume Party


105-Life Share


116-How the King Stole Christmas (Part 3)

117-How the King Stole Christmas (Part 4)

123 - Arms Race

190 - Where's Waluigi?

195 - Zombie Attack

203 - A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 3)

207 - A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 7)

208 - A mushroom Kingdom Carol [Part 8)

227 - Brawl Party: Meta Knight

228 - Shoulders

233 - Snifit Salesman

250 - Cartoons

252 - Eight Formidable Bosses

269 - Bunkmates II