An artist is always improving and changing how they draw, Matthew Taranto Is no exception. 

Throughout the comic there has been many changes to the art style. Some minor, some major

Art In Standard ComicsEdit

New Art Style
Black outlines, Details done in various tones of blue,

Blue outlines and a solid blue when from a distance.

Background objects have no solid colour, blue outlines and details in various tones of blue

Foreground objects usually silhouetted. 

1-134: Everything is drawn in solid blue outlines, Details are a rarity

Art in Coloured ComicsEdit

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Noticeable ExceptionsEdit

114,116,117 How The King Stole Christmas (parts1,3,4): 
How The Kind Stole Christmas Art Style

Outlines and details are a dark gray. 

Most of the comic is uncolored,with the exception of Red, Pink and, In the case of Kirby-Lou-Who's eyes, blue

There is also Red, Green and Orange colored text

Trick or Treat Art Style

98 Trick Or Treat:  Lines are a solid black , Background is orange

60 Reflection

50 Gooey Kablooie:  The comic is based upon a Calvin and Hobbes strip 
Gooie Kablooie

As such, It also mimics the colouring  from Calvin and Hobbes