Adeleine is a major reoccurring character in Brawl in the Family, first appearing in 040 - Adeleine. She is one of Kirby's friends. As an artist, Adeleine is almost always seen with a paintbrush and canvas in most of her appearances.


Adeleine first got her name in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards,she was nick named Ado in Kirby's Dream Land 3. She is an aspiring artist who has the ability to make her drawings come to life. When first met by Kirby, she was possessed by Dark Matter and was forced to fight with Kirby. After being freed from Dark Matter's grasp, Adeleine and Kirby became fast friends. She was able to help him on his adventure by drawing up powerups or help to solve puzzles. She was also a playable character in the multiplayer mode.

History (BitF)Edit

Adeleine first appeared in 040 - Adeleine, and has made semi-frequent appearances since then. She's generally depicted as a friendly character, and the others are rarely seen fighting while in her company. Notably, she's one of the only characters to be kind to King Dedede, most likely due to her only knowing of his heroic actions in Kirby 64. Her love of art is also portrayed well here; she's often seen painting in most of her appearances.

BitF portraitEdit

Every webcomic needs a hot chick, but Kirby will have to settle for Adeleine. The painter from Kirby 64&Dreamland 3 has the unique ability to literally bring her drawings to life, although they don’t always come out as planned. Her gentle nature and happy demeanor make her one of Kirby’s kindest and closest friends.

Adeleine is one of the few characters who generally likes Dedede. This may be because she possesses a childlike optimism that makes her rather fearless.


Quotes Edit

"Good evening. As you may have heard, Halloween is upon us. In the spirit of this ghostly holiday, tonight's comic is a bit scarier than usual. So you may want to tuck in the little ones early. Like myself, for instance. Enjoy the comic!" - Comic 195: Zombie Attack

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