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A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 4) is the 204th comic posted on Brawl in the Family, and the fourth of eight parts of the A Mushroom Kingdom Carol story arc. The rest of the events leading up to the current time are explored, and it is shown that Bowser Jr. (believed to be Bowser himself at this point in the story) came back to take over the kingdom, and that Mario and Luigi couldn't stop him.

Date: December 12, 2009

Number of frames: 27

Character Appearances[]


Title text: 204 – A Mushroom Kingdom Carol (Part 4)

Mario: I forgot how lovely she was...

Rosalina: It seemed like the right choice; your business boomed. After Bowser left, the minions celebrated... And his castle was turned into a kart track. The years went by. Peach ran the kingdom full-time... And you kept busy with the thriving coin bank. But then he returned. Despite the time that had passed, Bowser seemed more powerful than ever. Just like that, the kingdom was his.

Luigi: Mario! Toad just saw Bowser taking Peach away!

Toad: She's in another castle!

Mario: Let's-a go!

(Various images show Mario attempting to open a ? Block before smashing it with a hammer, accidentally igniting himself with a Fire Flower, and struggling to touch a flagpole labeled 1-3.)

Rosalina: The inevitable happened: age had caught up with you. Bowser's plan had worked.

(Luigi is shown carrying Mario back home on his shoulders.)

Luigi: Bro, I, I need to check on my wife and ba--

Mario: (interrupting) Fine, fine.

Luigi: Merry Christmas, huh?

Mario: Humbug-a. (cut to present) Spirit... Why are you showing me this-a? Take me home, now! Spirit?

(Mario appears to be alone.)

Kirby: Wow, you seem so empty inside... Want a snack?

Alt text: That's one patient villain

Fun Facts[]


  • Bowser's castle becoming a kart track is in reference to the Mario Kart series, where Bowser's Castle is a recurring racetrack. The design shown in the corresponding panel appears to be based of the Mario Kart 64 version of the course.
  • Toad stating that Peach is "in another castle" is taken directly from the line stated by the Toad at the end of each world in Super Mario Bros.